How it all began

A professional woodcarver, acrylic painter, and photographer took the path of graphic and visual design. After privately delivering quality works to various companies and individuals (served 300+ happy customers), she decided to publicly release one of her visual services: the quote-style graphics.

PostifyMe values are based on the success the project delivered in many marketing campaigns, especially in social media. Quote-style images carefully tailored for business particularities proved to be very efficient in digital marketing, especially among social media content.

These graphics also  proved to be a good match for paper and magazine prints (full HD resolution used).

After seeing such success with improving engagement and increasing sales (2x increase in conversion compared to random graphics) for customers businesses, the decision to bring the service to new light came easy.

The team is now having 5 members in love with graphic design and visual arts in general.

working at the desk

Our mission

Help our customers reap the benefits of visual content marketing.

Our core values

Honesty and trust are essential for a healthy business relationship.

We win together

Members of our team are working with the same end goal in mind. This is how we have always succeeded.

Staying on schedule

We want our customers to be able to trust that we will stick to the promised delivery time.

Quality work

Quality work makes a world of difference for businesses. When a customer is choosing our service, we choose to put our best effort into their order, delivering quality works that make a difference.

We put customers first

Our customers are very important to us. Every decision we make will take their feedback into account. A happy customer is our number one goal for any and every order, always.

We keep learning and improving

We continuously strive to become better at what we do, which is why we place a lot of importance on continuous learning and improving.

Our future plans

We aim for the best for our customers, and PostifyMe is just getting started. We will keep improving our services based on data-driven decisions, which will enable us to make a huge impact on visual content marketing. We will be happy to take this journey together!