Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from our graphics creation service?

  • Any individual who wants to grow social accounts and websites using constant posting;
  • Business owners with a social media strategy who wants to take the content part in their hands;
  • Social media marketers and managers responsible with visual content marketing;
  • Digital print agencies who need new design ideas for their printed products.


What exactly I will receive?

You will receive 30 unique graphics with random backgrounds, text, and font styling, tailored for your chosen niche. Also, if provided, we will add your provided watermark text or logo. Graphics will be delivered in the highest quality PNG format, in the resolution chosen while ordering.

We do custom works for every customer. Possibility for graphics to overlap in the same exact way are very small to none. Quote texts are limited for a given niche, but we design with a selection from hundreds of fonts and thousands of images, and with different font styling and position – chances of creating two identical graphics are virtually zero.

What niches do you cover?

  • Fitness: workout, bodybuilding, weight-loss;
  • Money, Wealth, Profit;
  • Luxurious lifestyle;
  • Business;
  • Sales & Marketing;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Love, Dating Romance;
  • Optimism & Positivity;
  • Travel & Outdoor;
  • Women fashion;
  • Men fashion;
  • Dogs;
  • Cats;
  • Quotes: life tips, work motivation, goals success, optimism and positivity, self-awareness, self-confidence;
  • Words of wisdom.


What is the resolution / format of the graphics?

We format in HD, Full HD, and by social network recommended sizes, as follows:

  • HD – 1280×720 px
  • Full HD – 1920×1080 px
  • Facebook – 1200×630 px
  • Instagram – 1080×1080 px
  • Twitter – 1024×512 px
  • Pinterest – 735×1102 px (vertical orientation)
  • Tumblr – 500×750 px (vertical orientation)
  • YouTube thumbnail – 1280×720 px (video thumbnail)


How the quote-style graphics are made?

  1. We handpick quality niche-relevant images found in the public domain;
  2. We format images for the desired social platform recommended size (for example, Instagram recommended size is 1080×1080 px);
  3. We add effects to images so they can better match with a text over;
  4. We add text-over with niche-relevant quotes, sayings or facts. (text comes in various font types and styles while keeping beautiful aesthetics).
  5. Finally, if provided, we add your text or logo watermark at the bottom of the text.


Can I have graphics delivered in two separate resolutions / formats in the same order?

We currently only offer one format with every order. When you’re in need for another format, you need to make a new order for it.

There will be repeating graphics in my order?

We aim to only send unique content. However, to err is human, and if you’ll find identical graphics, we will gladly replace those.

Can I send you my own images to make for the backgrounds?

Yes. The only requirement is for your image files to cover the needed image resolution of your desired format. If you want Instagram output format, your image files should be at least 1080×1080 px, we will crop out the extra pixels (we will not up-sample smaller resolution images).

Can I choose the font type, size, color or the text content for the graphics?

No. While freedom in customization can feel great, sometimes simplicity is a better choice. We select what we believe to be the best match for the text styling and content for a given niche.

Can I post the same graphics on more than one account or site?

Of course. It’s your content, and posting it to multiple profiles or sites can only benefit you.

Can I use the graphics for commercial use?

Yes. The graphic backgrounds are from public domain sources, and the text is made of phrases which again, are not copyrighted. After cropping, applying image effects and adding text overs, the final graphic is a unique work.

How the content is delivered and in how much time?

After an order is placed, it usually takes us 8 hours to start working on it. I most cases we deliver usual orders of 30-90 graphics in maximum 24 hours. During busier times delivery time can double to 48 hours.

Do you provide refunds or replacements?

To avoid having unhappy customers and losing time of both sides, we developed a simple but efficient method, as follows: After we receive your order we will create 12 graphics based on your niche, then we will send you a grid-type preview. At that point you can decide if you really want us to continue the job.

If you’re not happy with the preview, you will receive a full refund for your order, else if you agree to continue, we will keep working on your remaining graphics, and no refunds will be available at this point. We’re however confident that you’ll love our work!