The Power of Visual Content and How to Use it For Your Social Media Content Marketing Success

Have you tried to manage one or more social media accounts in the hope they will someday get big, gather a lot of subscribers and followers, and finally bring the traffic required to get noticed or to sell something? Or maybe you’ve tried to get social traffic by using multiple accounts, mass following, liking, commenting, messaging using bots and proxies?

If you’re still struggling to get a fair reach or sale conversions on social media, then you’re probably among the many who witnessed their profiles getting lost in the crowd, barely making an impact, if at all. If you don’t find yourself in any of the above scenarios, you’re more luckier than you think, because going through all that is a huge hardship nobody wants to take.

This is what really happens

We live in times where regular marketers are pushed more and more to paid advertising, and where anti-spam AI of social media networks are quickly evolving into unbreakable walls.

Why is that happening? Because these companies doesn’t want you to get a free share of their traffic without paying for it (at least for some good chunk of it), and neither want spam on their platforms.. This can all apply unless, of course, you’re a celebrity and can naturally grow a huge fan-base in a heartbeat – If that’s so, you can skip reading and go post another selfie for a few thousands more followers.

While the truth is that social media reach has also dropped for – and affected genuine users who post lots of great content consistently, the most affected ones are in fact those trying to get something out of nothing – meaning automatically following or messaging masses of users to get their attention and beg for a follow-back or click-through..

These are intrusive and questionable actions, which although worked in some extent in the past, will most likely bring under mediocre results today.

Having said that, it is now more important than ever to start going with the wind, and not against it – meaning to step back from the cheap spam / get rid of procrastination and stop neglecting constant posting, and start deliver what the social networks are eager for: quality content, posted regularly.

Start going with the wind, and not against it

If you’re not using visual content in your marketing strategy, you are missing out on a lot of engaging traffic. In a survey conducted by Sproutworth, about 75% of marketers said that visual content performed 2 to 5 times better than text-based content.

This sounds great.. but how to accomplish it?

In short, there are only three essential steps:

  1. Decide about a profitable sub-niche in a demanding niche;
  2. Theme your account and post types to match your niche;
  3. Post quality and niche-relevant visuals consistently, over a long period of time.

After you’ve set up your account, and by posting daily niche-relevant visuals, you will highly increase your chances in reaching to many real and engaging followers, and that in a relatively short time. That’s because awesome visuals are boosting profile reach due to the signals (likes, shares, comments) it naturally receives. Also, because of continuity in postings, you never miss any chance of getting a piece of the network traffic for any given day.

The painful truth: sometimes people neglect posting for days, they simply get too lazy for it, or the motivation is quickly lost..

We’re all having days when we don’t really feel like creating posts, or maybe distraction or other things needs doing are kicking in, preventing us to keep at it. Loss of posting continuity is easy to occur, and this is the MAIN REASON of why most profiles will eventually go unnoticed.. resulting in abandoned projects.

How to avoid inconsistency in posting? It’s easier than you think

Instead of creating posts every day, have readily-available batches of niche-relevant posts, being ready to be SCHEDULED FOR MONTHS to come as daily posts.

The obvious advantages of this approach:

  • No more daily struggle with what type of posts to create.
  • More free time to grow many accounts simultaneously.
  • You will feed the networks with what they really want, constantly.
  • In exchange, you will get the engagement and traffic volumes you always dreamed of.

You could dedicate a few days to a few weeks to create batches of unique, relevant and engaging graphics, or you could get them created by a trusted provider to save you the needed time and resources. Those who have other important things to accomplish can (and should) delegate the post creation work.

By getting your social media graphics done for you, and having the daily scheduled posting going on for multiple accounts simultaneously, you will finally watch your social traffic GROWING steadily and surely, day by day, while you’re focusing on other more important tasks so you can grow your business further.

Unique custom quote-style graphics made just for you

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